Aarhus and the fast ferries – part two (Port of Aarhus VIII)

When Molslinjen moved out to a newly constructed ferry terminal in November 2020 in the latest phase of port expansion towards open sea to the east, it was definitely over with car ferry traffic from Aarhus’ port areas close to the city. Something that has otherwise been part of the cityscape for more than 60 years.

The fast ferries have dominated the cityscape for the past 25 years. I have been present at the port with my camera for the past 20 years. Here is the second of a series of photos from that two decades. The following represent the period 2019 back to 2012.

February 24, 2019: The newly built EXPRESS 4 has just arrived for the first time in Aarhus and has still not been put into service.
The last departure of the day. October 2018.
A busy summer day at the Harbour Bath early August 2018.
End of a busy day on Kattegat. The fast ferries rest for the night before next day’s duties. Late evening, April 2017.
EXPRESS 2 overtakes the ro/ro FINNSKY arriving from Helsinki. 20:13, May 25, 2017.
A summer evening on the quay, July 2016.
KAT EXPRESS 2 laid-up for the day a late afternoon in January 2016.
KAT EXPRESS 1 soon to pass MAGLEBY MÆRSK further out in The Bay of Aarhus, 2015.
KAT EXPRESS 2 with the giant cruise ship ROYAL PRINCESS as a background photographed form the urban forest area Risskoven, June 2014.
Lined-up for boarding.
MAX MOLS has just departed for Zealand this beautiful November morning in 2013.
During the same clear and cold period that November, here the ferry terminal with the raising Aarhus Ø area in the background.
Another one arrives. All three fast ferries stay in Aarhus during the night.
The winter evening sky is reflected in the windows of the Iceberg (Isbjerget) buildings, one of the first to be built on Aarhus Ø, in the background.
A daylight shot of the Iceberg (Isbjerget) buildings. This time on a hot summer day in 2013.
And now interacting not only with buildings, but also the beautiful cruise ship SAGA SAPPHIRE.
‘Sea Pink‘ is the name of the large-scale pink-tinted sunglasses by the Swiss artist Marc Moser. The sculpture has become a landmark for the new Aarhus Ø area.
2012 was the year where Mols-Linien’s fast ferries suddenly faced competition on Kattegat. FRS supplemented their ro/pax operation with the fast ferry DOLPHIN JET.
Here, FRS dominates the picture. From the left DOLPHIN JET, the former Mols-Linien ro/pax MAREN MOLS, now called KATTEGAT, and finally Mols-Linien’s MAX MOLS.
The final arrival of DOLPHIN JET in Aarhus, August 15, 2012, at 20:45.
DOLPHIN JET was laid-up in Aarhus for some time before heading south to Algeciras in Spain.

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