Aarhus and the fast ferries – part one (Port of Aarhus VII)

When Molslinjen moved out to a newly constructed ferry terminal in November 2020 in the latest phase of port expansion towards open sea to the east, it was definitely over with car ferry traffic from Aarhus’ port areas close to the city. Something that has otherwise been part of the cityscape for more than 60 years.

The fast ferries have dominated the cityscape for the past 25 years. I have been present at the port with my camera for the past 20 years. Here is the first of a series of photos from that two decades. We start with the final three years.

EXPRESS 4 departs into the sunrise October 31, 2020 – my final photo of the Molslinjens fast ferries before they moved out to the new terminal and away form my usual spots for photography.
That same morning half an hour earlier.
And off she goes.
The final arrival for the day. EXPRESS 3 unloads in the evening October 29, 2020.
One of the fleet-mates is already laid-up for the night.
Goodnight with the up-raising Aarhus Ø as a background.
Just departed Aarhus and passing the construction site of the new ferry terminal.
A common Wednesday scene, the weekly Maersk-giant arrives from China while the fast ferries come and go.
Another common scene. Anglers enjoys the afternoon on the pier. Molslinjen sometimes switch ferries between the Baltic Sea and Kattegat, so MAX is still a regular guest in Aarhus.
Laid up for the night.
This night EXPRESS 2 is the last one to end the days operation.
Still sailing to the inner harbour also means mingling with cruise ships.
Part of the inner harbour is still not developed which sometimes creates a sort of urban nature with sea- and landscapes.
Another example.
But this is where the glass and concrete starts.
White and grey – and a little bit of blue.
During The Tall Ship Races 2019.
The newbuilding EXPRESS 4 has just arrived.
Here I visited the new EXPRESS 4 as a journalist and took this photo showing the old ferry terminal.
And now EXPRESS 4 is put into service.
Another shot of the newbuidling.
During the afternoon sun the fast ferries melted quite nicely into the cityscape.
Another cityscape.
March 2019. Today, this view no longer exists.

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