Norway’s new continental ferry arrives

It is 16 years since Kristiansand last had a ferry route to a country outside Scandinavia. But now Norway’s southernmost ferry port is once again connected by a long-distance ferry route. This time to Continental Europe, more specifically Eemshaven in the Netherlands with the Dutch shipping company Holland Norway Lines.

The newly established shipping company has chartered Tallink’s 2002-built cruise ferry ROMANTIKA and put the ferry under the Dutch flag. Several similar initiatives have been short-lived throughout history, but I believe that there is a market for Holland Norway Lines’ initiative and that the route therefore has a good chance of surviving and developing.

I visited Kristiansand last Sunday to photograph ROMANTIKA’s second ordinary call in Norway. Later in the spring or early summer I will also be taking a trip to Eemshaven with ROMANTIKA; An obvious route to the Netherlands via FJORD FSTR from Hirtshals when you live in Jutland.

08:54: ROMANTIKA off Odderøya.
The local pilot boat in front on the way back to the pilot station.
My location is at the Odderøya Lighthouse.
Now with the small island Dybingen in the background.
The lighthouse is an excellent location in the earlier morning hours.
It even provide foregrounds.
Im not sure the placement of the company name is optimal, a larger and a more bold font would also work better I think.
Directly from the side.
With a high-lying residential area of Kristiansand as a background.
Colourfull houses at the Fiskebrygga and containers in the foreground.
A portrait format photo with the long lens from the same location.
At the terminal at midday.

The terminal area seen from vest in the afternoon.
FJORD FSTR and ROMANTIKA, two very different vessels.
A new company logo to get use to.
ROMANTIKA had to temporarily give way to FJORD FSTR. I hope that the passengers in all the cars on the right had been informed that the ferry would return and continue loading when the fast ferry had departed at 15:00.
Half loaded and waiting to return to the terminal.
Three different operators on the wall.

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