Port of Frederikshavn (vol. II)

Denmark’s second largest repair yard Orskov Yard with several dry and floating docks spread over the port contributes to the maritime diversity in Frederikshavn. There will always be something new to see, when you arrive or departing on a ferry. The North Jutland port also house one of two bases for The Royal Danish Navy.

The vast port areas in Frederikshavn is the center of North Jutland’s cluster of commercial maritime activities. Besides the ferries that transport 1.8 million passengers, 350,000 cars and 168,000 lorry units each year, the port also houses Denmark’s second-largest repair yard, two ship breaking companies, a huge number of maritime service providers and a naval base.

(Top photo) 2009, February 2: The Greenlandic coastal passenger ship SARFAQ ITTUK in Dock 1 at Orskov Yard.
2017, February 11: Another coastal passenger ship in the same floating dock eight years later. This time Hurtigruten’s LOFOTEN.
2009, September 10: The work has already started on the dry docked product tanker when this photo was shot from the early morning ferry to Gothenburg.
2008, March 15: A rather unusual combination of ferries in Frederikshavn. The one in the front, MARGRETHE LÆSØ, is one of the locales, but that day Orskov Yard was working on Mols-Linien’s MAREN MOLS and Kystlink’s PRIDE OF TELEMARK. The first one was built in Frederikshavn eight years earlier and the latter was original built for the Frederikshavn – Gothenburg crossing back in 1980 as STENA JUTLANDICA.
2007, January 13: Color Line’s ferries from Sandefjord – Strømstad normally dock at Orskov yard during the winter.
The same day ATLANTIC TRAVELLER from North Atlantic Line and the small gas tanker SIGAS EILON were also at the yard.
Here a photo from the car deck on ATLANTIC TRAVELLER with STENA DANICA in the background.
That January day was a busy day in Frederikshavn. Here KING OF SCANDINAVIA alongside for final outfitting after an overhaul in the one of the docks. In the background STENA SAGA departs for Oslo.
And finally, an aerial view from the top of The Kattegat Siloen. Now COLOR FESTIVAL has arrived from Oslo at The Color Line Terminal.
2003, January 28: Four years earlier, KING OF SCANDINAVIA’s sister SPIR arrives in Frederikshavn from Tasmania to be converted into FJORD NORWAY.
2020, September 18: POVL ANKER “riggen off” before a total make-over at Orskov Yard.
2020, October 18: One month later the nearly finished POVL ANKER in the dry dock.
That same day photographed from the dry dock. Offshore vessels, both form the fossil and the wind-part of the industry, are regular guests at the repair yard.
2007, January 13: Back then Denmark still had icebreakers, here two of them at the naval base.
2007, April 13: Three classes of naval vessels at the naval base in Frederikshavn; the minesweeper drone MSF 1, the diver-support vessel P 553 SØLØVEN and in the background one of the two flexible support vessels of the Absalon-class.
Both the royal Danish yacht DANNEBROG and the training ship DANMARK stay at the naval base in Frederikshavn during the winter.
2013, August 6: The lead ship F 357 THETIS in the North Atlantic inspection vessel Thetis Class with four ships in all. In the background L 16 ESBERN SNARE from the Absalon-class.
2020, July 21: The two vessels in the Absalon-class together at the naval base photographed from the ferry port. Earlier this year the two vessels were re-classed from flexible support vessels to frigates by the Royal Danish Navy. The Danish navy fleet also have three purpose-built frigates in the Iver Huitfeldt-class – they are all stationed at Denmark’s other naval base in Korsør.

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