Port of Frederikshavn (vol. I)

The ferries to Sweden and Norway still set the scene in Frederikshavn, but the port is also characterized by a great diversity in the maritime activities. Ship dismantling e.g.

The vast port areas in Frederikshavn is the center of North Jutland’s cluster of commercial maritime activities. Besides the ferries that transport 1.8 million passengers, 350,000 cars and 168,000 lorry units each year, the port also houses Denmark’s second-largest repair yard, two ship breaking companies, a huge number of maritime service providers and a naval base.

2020, August 8: PEARL SEAWAYS pass the laid-up NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER on the approach to Frederikshavn form Oslo.
Minutes after has the DFDS cruise ferry passed a heavy load-vessel carrying a section from the Danish North Sea oilfield TYRA, awaiting to be tugged the final nautical mile into the Port of Frederikshavn for demolition.
The fine-looking classic Baltic cruise ferry is now in the fairway in the dimmed evening light.
Meanwhile in the other direction, STENA JUTLANTICA has arrived earlier in the evening from Gothenburg.
And finally, along-side as the sun has set completely.
2007, January 13: PETER WESSEL pass COLOR FESTIVAL off Frederikshavn on its way to Larvik. COLOR FESTIVAL is inbound from Oslo.
2007, January 13: KING OF SCANDINAVIA has just left the dock at Orskov Repair Yard. In the background COLOR FESTIVAL has arrived from Oslo.
2004, May 27: STENA SAGA and PETER WESSEL.
2006, February 27: This is a classic ferry photo in Frederikshavn when you are departing on a midday Stena ferry to Gothenburg.
2020, May 8: NUKA ARCTICA was together with her sister-running mate at Royal Arctic Line, built in Frederikshavn, now they both will be broken up there.
2013, November 23: The Port of Frederikshavn house the largest ship and offshore structure demolition capacity in Denmark. Here one of the two Mols-Linien Sea Jet-high speed-ferries next-in-line at the Jatob demolition company.
2016, January 17: The former Great Belt train ferry Ex. DRONNING INGRID from 1951, has arrived from its final voyage, across The North Sea from Barrow-in-Furness, to be recycled at Jatob.
2020, June 21: Shot from the Læsø ferry. A rather unusual scene with the two Stena ferries STENA JUTLANDICA and STENA DANICA at the terminal together.
2020, March 21: STENA VINGA arrives in Frederikshavn seen from the hills of Bangsbo. Frederikshavn is the main hub in Danish waters for ship-to-ship operations, where Russian oil is reloaded from smaller tankers to lager tankers off the coast, which also can be seen on this photo.
2020, June 25: STENA VINGA off Frederikshavn.
STENA VINGA has now arrived from Gothenburg while DFDS, with the approaching CROWN SEAWAYS in the background, writes history with the maiden call in Frederikshavn from Copenhagen on the new triangle route Copenhagen-Frederikshavn-Oslo.
At the berth a little later.
2020, June 26: CROWN SEAWAYS’s maiden call from Oslo.

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