Port of Frederikshavn (vol. III)

Demolition of ships and huge offshore structures contributes to the diversity in the Port of Frederikshavn. During the last two years the American re-cycling company M.A.R.S. has established itself at the port. The first project with the demolition of two sections from the TYRA field gave Frederikshavn a whole new skyline during 2020.

The vast port areas in Frederikshavn is the center of North Jutland’s cluster of commercial maritime activities. Besides the ferries that transport 1.8 million passengers, 350,000 cars and 168,000 lorry units each year, the port also houses Denmark’s second-largest repair yard, two ship breaking companies, a huge number of maritime service providers and a naval base.

2020, June 25: The two Royal Arctic Line sisters NUKA ARCTICA and NAJA ARCTICA were both built in Frederikshavn, and now they will both end their life there as well.
2020, September 18: The US-based M.A.R.S. (Modern American Recycling Services, Inc.), a steel recycling specialist, has established a huge site on a new-developed area in The Port of Frederikshavn. The first major task was the dismantling and recycling of two production sections from the Danish North Sea oilfield TYRA. Here a photo with the TYRA sections shot from the marina overviewing parts of the naval base and with the ferry MARGRETHE LÆSØ departing for Læsø.
2020, August 8: A closer look at one of the TYRA sections.
2009, February 14: Another scene with recycling activities showing an unidentified submarine being dismantled.
2011, July 30: Frederikshavn has it own Palm Beach, but the palm trees stay in a greenhouse during the winter. Here STENA JUTLANDICA approaches from Gothenburg.
In the evening that fine summer day the high-speed ferry STENA CARISMA arrives from Gothenburg while STENA JUTLANDICA is of again. This time photographed from Pikkerbakken.
2013, November 23: Two years later and a bit closer to the port, shot from Bangsbo Fort, STENA DANICA departs.
2015, July 30: Another two years further on from Bangsbo Fort, STENA SAGA on its way to Oslo while ANE LÆSØ heads to Frederikshavn from Læsø.
2011, July 30: A typical summer scene in the central ferry port, ANE LÆSØ (The previous one) manoeuvres with STENA DANICA in the background and with holidaymakers as an audience.
Later that day STENA JUTLANDICA passed the Bangsbo Beach after departure form Frederikshavn.
And short after that, STENA DANICA appears behind the group of seabirds.
2007, December 8: The blue hour occurs late in the morning this time of the year. STENA SAGA photographed from another ferry, presumably one of the Stena ferries for Gothenburg.
2020, February 28: Still pre-corona lockdown in Denmark, but my final photo of STENA SAGA before the Frederikshavn – Oslo route was shot down.
2007, April 13: PETER WESSEL and PRINSESSE RAGNHILD has their final overhaul in Frederikshavn before the paradigm shift with the “Superspeed Ferries” in Color Lines routes out of Hirtshals.
Another shot of the two traditional Scandinavian cruise ferries visiting Frederikshavn. They both left Scandinavia the following year.

2009, February 14: STENA JUTLANDICA’s funnel reflected in the red facade of the Stena Terminal in Frederikshavn.
2013, November 23: The vintage Seatrader-class vessel STENA SCANRAIL was a regular element in the Port of Frederikshavn between 1986 and 2015.
2020, August 8: The new-developed port area which is mainly used by M.A.R.S. also has a wonderful promenade open for the public.

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