Sixteen Impressions from Rødby-Puttgarden

A small selection of impressions from my latest visits at the Rødby – Puttgarden crossing. The photos were shot in a period when Scandlines took the first steps toward an emission free operation of the ‘floating bridge’ or ‘traffic machine’, which the very profitable high-frequent route best can be described as.

The Danish/German ferry company was a pioneer in battery/hybrid propulsion on large ro/pax ferries in the previous decade. And the company strives to continue further ahead in the coming years toward fully electric operation.

That will not only be an admirable technical achievement, but also an important political statement for what a new generation of ferries evidently would be able to contribute with as an alternative to a fixed Fehmarn Belt Link.

Late evening departure from Rødby Havn.
Morning arrival at Rødby Havn
Very low sun reflected in the windows.
One of the two Danish double-enders.
Evening scene from the beach on the Danish side.
Evening scene from the German side.
People on the jetty.
Battery/hybrid ferry and offshore wind turbines.
From the old jetty in Rødby Havn.
DEUTSCHLAND arrives in Germany.
Loading in Puttgarden.
Inside the breakwaters in Puttgarden.
Old HOLGER DANSKE is the fifth ferry on the route and certainly not a battery/hybrid ferry, but popular among truckers.
More low sun and more wind turbines.
A Costa-ship in the background.

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