Ships seen at Gabet

Gabet has been a place to beat a path to for generations of ship spotters. During most of the twentieth century to see new buildings from Odense Staalskibsværft (The Maersk-owned Lindø Shipyard) on their sea trails or on their delivery voyages heading out to open sea in Kattegat. Nowadays it is the place to come very near the many large ships arriving or leaving the huge repair yard Fayard, which took over the former newbuilding facilities at the shore of Odense Fjord in 2010.

One of the keenest ship photographers at Gabet nowadays is Peter Therkildsen. He is a friend of mine and an established contributor of photos to the branch medias Shippax and Søfart and several ferry-related enthusiast magazines in Germany and England. So, it is a great honour for me, that Peter has allowed some of his work to be presented here on my photo blog.

Above: BERLIN, July 18, 2014. HERJÓLFUR, May 5, 2017. Photo: Peter Therkildsen

About Gabet
The toponym, or the Danish name of the place, “Gabet” can be translated to “the gap”, or alternatively by the more colourful meaning, the word has in the Danish language; mouth. Not just any mouth, but the one on a beast, more specific on a carnivore or even the one a predator. However, I suggest the less-dramatic “gap” referring to the 400-meter distance between the headland Enebærodde and Hindsholm, which is the mouth or the passageway connecting the fjord Odense Fjord and Kattegat.

BERLIN, July 19, 2018. Photo: Peter Therkildsen
SEAROAD MERSEY II, September 16, 2016. Photo: Peter Therkildsen
SEAROAD MERSEY II, October 12, 2016. Photo: Peter Therkildsen
COLOR CARRIER, April 15, 2019. Photo: Peter Therkildsen
MARIA GRAZIA ONORATO, March,18, 2019. Photo: Peter Therkildsen

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