Pages from the Past

My paxpix site has been online since 2003. In the first several years with a 100 percent. homemade website. That meant that I gradually learned a lot about html programming. Later, I moved my galleries over to a template-based platform from Format, but retaining my homemade index page, which was continuously updated both in terms of content and not least visually.

The last step was my current WordPress page. Here I only need to fill in content, which has gradually led to the fact that I have lost my old html skills – and now must accept the hard facts that I have become dumber with age.

For nostalgic reasons, however, I have chosen to keep paxpix’s sister website just as it looked after I last updated it in 2011. You are welcome to visit here: or have a look of some of my old paxpix index pages from the past 16 years.


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