Aalborg and Limfjorden

Port of Aalborg, the gateway to the regional capital area in Northern Jutland, has in recent years been hugely successful in attracting the rising number of ships from the booming cruise industry.

Not a surprisingly success at all, with Denmark’s most attractive cruise terminal, located direct in the old city centre, but at the same time as a part of a modern harbour front development towards the fjord (Limfjorden).

MAGELLAN on one of her calls at the city where she is built.

Furthermore the fjord provides an attractive two hours approach from Kattegat to the in-land port. An added value, which seems to appeal to the high-end of the market with Aalborg now as one of Viking Ocean Cruises’ most frequent ports of calls.

At the same time the navigational size restrictions in the fjord and the location in the lesser-known parts of Denmark filter out the massive mass-marked ships.

Instead these limitations provide a constant stream of the progressively more exotic older or smaller ships, representing the whole spectre from CMV and Fred Olsen Cruises to the Norwegian Royal Viking Line re-interpretation and Seabourn.

BLACK WATCH on a Christmas visit in Aalborg 2016.

The increasing number of cruise calls has also attracted my attention during recent years. Particularly the eastward mouth of Limfjorden, at the small ferry crossing Hals-Egense, which now acts as one of my favourite photo locations. The choice of Hals or Egense depends on the time of the day and the position of the sun.

Those photo-shoots also involved other ship traffic in- or outbound for Aalborg. Not least some of the more distinct tonnage; the red and white Royal Arctic Line vessels connecting Greenland and Denmark and cargo ships serving Aalborg’s cement industry.

Port of Aalborg’s cruise ship list


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