DROTTEN – one of the exceptions

I guess you can’t set up real objective criteria for what is beautiful and what isn’t. So, it must instead depend on the eyes that see – in this case my eyes. With them, I have had to state that what I believe was once an established aesthetics of passenger ship valid through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, no longer applies. In the 1980s came the “jumbo ferries”, in the 1990s came the ro/pax ferries and in the 2000s came the mega cruise ships with their balconies.

There have of course been exceptions along the way in the following three decades. Some of them I have certainly mentioned before here on my blog and others I will surely get around to later. I have previously described Gotlandsbolaget’s GOTLAND and VISBY (original names), the two 2003-built “SF 1500” ro/pax ferries, in the blog entry “One day with the SF 1500“.

In my eyes, those ships are among the exceptions. That is why I have also photographed them several times. As with people, ships can also be photogenic – or not. I have also taken portrait photos of people where I have experienced the difference. Today, the two Gotland ferries are among the most attractive ferries to portray, which I also tried to pay tribute to in the previous blog post.

The photographs in the first post are from Nynäshamn and Visby. In this post, DROTTEN (ex. GOTLAND) is photographed in Visby, Oskarshamn and Rostock.

 DROTTEN in Oskarshamn.

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