Aarhus and the fast ferries – part three (Port of Aarhus IX)

When Molslinjen moved out to a newly constructed ferry terminal in November 2020 in the latest phase of port expansion towards open sea to the east, it was definitely over with car ferry traffic from Aarhus’ port areas close to the city. Something that has otherwise been part of the cityscape for more than 60 years.

The fast ferries have dominated the cityscape for the past 25 years. I have been present at the port with my camera for the past 20 years. Here is the third of a series of photos from that two decades. The following represent the period 2015 back to 2002.

October 10, 2015: MAX MOLS arrives from Zeeland with an approaching Maersk Triple-E vessel in the background.
May 3, 2012: KAT EXPRESS 1 in the transformation from NORMAN ARROW in Aarhus before the launch a week later.
October 10, 2012: The Seajet highspeed ferry MIE MOLS and the ro/pax ferry METTE MOLS laid-up in Aarhus.
Front part of the superstructure of MIE MOLS in low afternoon sun.
April 10, 2009: MAX MOLS accelerates after departure from Aarhus.
July 24, 2008: Interaction with a cruise ship off Aarhus seen from Riis Skoven, a forest area north of the port.
October 10, 2007: A Seajet arrives.
The same day a few minutes before.
May 4, 2007: Mols-Linien operated a combined fast ferry and ro/pax setup until 2011. Here we see two cross-country long-distance busses ready to be unloaded. That concept is fully Integrated within the present day Molslinjen and is a huge success.
February 4, 2006: MADS MOLS departs Aarhus.
August 31, 2005 06:09: First departure of the day.
One minute before: MAI MOLS overtakes MAREN MOLS with an old Maersk ship at the East Container Terminal in the background.
August 30, 2005: Blue hour-shot of MAI MOLS while laid-up for the night.
March 24, 2003: Another early morning photo.
March 20, 2003: The two Danish-built Seajets were fascinating creatures, but way too expensive to operate. They were broken up in 2013 and 2014.
November 19, 2002: MADS MOLS departs Aarhus.
Going even further back in time: CAT-LINK 1 in Aarhus in 1995.
And here CAT-LINK II that same year where fast ferry traffic with car and passenger catamarans between Aarhus and Zeeland started.

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  1. Lovely pictures as usual, and thank you for sharing them. I enjoy the subtle comparisons of shade and light, as well as shapes. Best wishes. Ann


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