Mondays in Visby

Monday last week I revisited Visby on Gotland. It was one of my first photo trips abroad since 2019. We arrived with the 09:35 ferry from Oskarshamn (the new GOTLAND) and should have returned at 17:30 with DROTTEN. However, that ferry sailed with major delays due to technical issues with one of the main engines the day before, so we could not return to Oskarshamn until late in the evening.

The enormous MSC SEAVIEW towers up behind the large cruise ferry at the cruise pier, as we arrive from Oskarshamn.

Mondays in Visby this summer are marked by a visit by an uneven couple at the town’s cruise quay; The 153,500 Gt. large cruise ship MSC SEAVIEW and the cruise ferry SILJA SYMPHONY, which despite being among the world’s largest cruise ferries, is almost 100,000 Gt. smaller than the cruise ship.

And here VIKING CINDERELLA is seen as well. The weather improved a lot before we reached midday, but I like these dark clouds and the greenish water in the harbour basin.

For the same reasons that I have largely not travelled abroad since 2019, cruise ferry traffic in the Baltic Sea in 2021 is still affected by travel restrictions across national borders. Therefore, SILJA SYMPHONY was also accompanied by VIKING CINDERELLA in Visby, which, like the Silja ferry, is currently also part of a specially intended domestic Swedish cruise timetable.

Mondays in Visby are therefore in a maritime sense this high summer quite unique, which was also the reason for my photo trip last week.

However, my revisit to Visby, I think it was the fourth time, was also due to the fact that I wanted to try Gotlandsbolaget’s new SF1650 class (GOTLAND and VISBORG). It’s no secret that I’m excited about the whole ferry operation on Gotland. A concept I wish could also be adopted on Denmark’s large Baltic Sea island Bornholm.

This scene will in a few years’ time be considered quite unique.
A midday wide-angled polarised shot of GOTLAND from the marina.
A half an hour later, GOTLAND departed for Nynäshamn. In the horizon one of the easily recognizable KESS car-feeders heading north.
Now the mono-hull high speed craft GOTLANDIA II arrives from Västervik.
Here passing the breakwater in the southerly midday sun.
DROTTEN appears from Nynäshamn in front of SILJA SYMPHONY.
And here in its full glory. In my opinion the two 2003-built SF1500 ferries (DROTTEN and VISBY, the latter currently on charter to DFDS) range among the best (exterior-wise) designed ferries in operation today.
Just look at the forward superstructure and the bow.
The pleasant design continues with the funnel, which on all passenger ships is an important element in the exterior profile. Unfortunately, not all ship designers seem to understand that.
The Visby Cruise Terminal with two non-cruise ships in the background.
VISBORG arrives form Oskarshamn.
During the early afternoon MSC SEAVIEW lay perfectly for photography along the southern quay of the cruise pier.
Here also a wide-angled polarised photo of the giant cruise ship.
GOTLAND returns during the late afternoon on the busy Nynäshamn route.
And short after VIKING CINDERELLA departed.


  1. Thank you for including me on the circulation for these pictures. I have really enjoyed seeing them all, and the composition of the scenes is just wonderful. Keep safe and well, and best wishes. Ann


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