Midsummer Debut

It is 46 years since DFDS last sailed between Frederikshavn and Oslo. But last week the cruise ferries CROWN SEAWAYS and PEARL SEAWAYS had their debut on the route, as a part of DFDS’ restart between the Danish and Norwegian capitals after the corona shutdown in March.

Now Frederikshavn receives calls from both ferries late in the evening from Oslo and Copenhagen respectively. However, contrary to 46 years ago, the rules of the Danish International Register of Ships exclude domestic carriage of goods and passengers.

The premiere call took place late in the evening of June 25, but the bright nights in Scandinavia around midsummer provided the perfect lighting. The following evening, CROWN SEAWAYS arrived from Oslo to Frederikshavn. Shortly after the ferry continued to Copenhagen, PEARL SEAWAYS arrived for the first time on its way from Copenhagen to Oslo.

June 25, 2020


June 26, 2020






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