Langelandsbælt, the belt connecting The Baltic Sea with The Great Belt further north, is the narrowest part of the international shipping lane Rute T (Route Tango). One of the World’s most important highways for shipping, passing through Danish waters to and from The Baltic Sea and the North Sea Canal. There is only 1,200 meter from Spodsbjerg Beach on Langeland’s east coast to the shipping lane, marked by the Spodsbjerg SE Fyr (offshore lighthouse).

Above: MSC MERAVIGLIA pass Spodsbjerg Fyr on its way to Copenhagen from Kiel. Here SERENADE OF THE SEAS one hour earlier.
SERENADE OF THE SEAS cross the Spodsbjerg-Taars route.

The booming cruise traffic in the Baltic area, some summer evenings, nearly creates convoys of north-going cruise vessels passing Langelandsbælt. Most of them departures from Kiel or Warnemünde at 18:00 or 19:00, or have seadays from destinations farer away as Stockholm, Tallinn or St. Petersburg.


Many of them have Copenhagen as their destination the following morning at 07:00 or 08:00 or The Norwegian Fjords after a seaday in the Skagerrak and the North Sea the next day. Navigational restrictions in the southern part of Øresund for large ships, force the ones heading for Copenhagen to circulate the west and north coasts of Zeeland and instead approach from north via Øresund.

And here MEIN SCHIFF 3 heading towards The Great Belt.

Beside the increasing number of cruise vessels, both Color Line and Stena Line also makes daily passages of Langelandsbælt with their ferries between Oslo-Kiel and Gothenburg-Kiel, all accompanied by the domestic ferry route across the belt between the Spodsbjerg and Taars.

STENA GERMANICA with SERENADE OF THE SEAS coming up from the horizon.
Now passing the Spodsbjerg Beach.
LANGELAND’S last crossing this evening. The ferry will be repainted in Molslinjen’s colours during the next docking – “LangelandsFærgen” on the hull has already been removed.
Same spot five years ago.
With the MEIN SCHIFF 3 in the horizon.
The band new pilot boat DANPILOT ECHO heads out from Spodsbjerg.
COLOR CARRIER is around an hour after the cruise ferry this evening.
Passing the lighthouse.
STENA GERMANICA off the Keldsnor Lighthouse longer south in the Langelandsbælt.
And here the COLOR MAGIC, one of the two giant cruise ferries on the Oslo – Kiel route.
Just after harvest in 2016.
And here off the ferry port at Spodsbjerg.
From the northern-most part of Langeland. COLOR FANTASY with the small island Omø at starboard.
STENA SCANDINAVICA on its night crossing from Kiel to Gothenburg.
Summer evening at Spodsbjerg.

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