Sletterhage Lighthouse (vol. II)

It’s been two years since I last summed up my latest photos from Sletterhage Lighthouse in a gallery.

The southern tip of the Djursland peninsula, at the main fairway to Port of Aarhus, is one of the photography locations, which I keep coming back to.

Molslinjen’s EXPRESS 1 is ready for Bornholm, but still in service on the Aarhus – Odden route.
Above: MSC VIVIANA has just passed Sletterhage Lighthouse after a call in Aarhus on the weekly M2 Asia – Europe service based on a vessel sharing agreement between Maersk Line and MSC.

The lighthouse and the rocky beach are oriented directly to the south, so light-wise the place is complicated to photograph from. Therefore, most of my photos from Sletterhage Lighthouse are shot in the hour around sunset and sunrise.

Phonix Seereisen’s DEUTSCHLAND had a photo friendly late departure from Aarhus.
Another “schönes deutsches Schiff“. This time inbound for Aarhus just after sunrise.

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